X3-02: Lebanon gets it FIRST !

Two posts in one day! Damn I’m on a roll! I guess it’s because I miss blogging and been away for a while. So, my trusty BH-905 pumping music into my ear canals (listening to AvB at the moment), I’m pretty certain I’ll be deaf real soon; I’m writing this post to inform you all about how my country Lebanon will go down in history this Saturday.

On September 11, Lebanon has been selected by Nokia as the first country in the world to launch and start selling the new X3-02. 

Our creative marketing team came up with the idea of starting this premiere at exactly 3:02pm on Saturday, at the Nokia Care Centers (in Ashrafieh and on Zalka highway for local readers) where people will get the chance to win 100 free X3-02 devices, as well as the opportunity to buy the device for $199 (only during this day), saving $50.

If you buy the device before the draw, you get to take away a cool free accessory to go along with it, say a Bluetooth headset, a car holder, a speaker, etc. depending on how lucky you are. If your number comes up in the draw, you get your money back AND you keep both the device and the accessory. Pretty slick if you ask me. Hey, I have a black X3-02 right now (and a blue one… and a white one), but if I were to buy a new phone, I think what we have here is bargain. Why? Quick reminder on the specs of our slimmest phone yet; at 9.6mm it packs:

- 5 megapixel camera

- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

- 2.4-inch touchscreen

-  Keypad for typing

- microSD card slot for your music and pictures

- 2 dedicated shortcut keys for music and messaging

- FM Radio

- Boosted speaker so you can annoy your entourage

- 3.5mm audio jack for use with any headphones that you have

- Dedicated lock key on the side

- Email, chat, and social networking clients

Personally, I've set up 4 email accounts on it, tweeted and updated my Facebook page, listened to music, and it handles them all like a champ. Oh, and it’s the closest thing to multitasking you’ll get from an S40 device! Info in a different post.

So, 100 lucky winners will get to walk away with a new X3-02 on Saturday, starting 3:02 pm. We will also be present at the Hamra Fesitvals for a roadshow where bands will be performing live, and where people would also be able to buy the device for $199, on the spot.

If you reside in Lebanon don’t miss the chance to be among the first people in the world to ever use this cool new phone. Quantities are limited. We couldn’t get 4 million phones for all of you, you know?

Oh, and before you can ask, no I’m not giving you away any of my 3 phones. I’m trying to match them up with my clothes so it’s going to be hard to let any of them go ;)

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