To like the N8 or not to like the N8 - that question is answered.
Now that the ‘leaked’ N8 has finally been unveiled, I couldn’t help but post my own opinion on this. So in brief, here’s what you should and should NOT expect out of this device, again, in my opinion. 

What to expect:
- A great camera
- An improved screen
- Faster processing
- Better graphics
- A tweaked UI
- 3 widget homescreens
- HDMI connectivity
- A strong build quality

What NOT to expect:
- A totally new interface
- A flagship device (it will lead in the camera segment though)
- A blazing-fast overhauled OS
- 6 days of battery life
- Recording in 5.1 Digital Dolby (playback only supported)
- Amazing speaker quality

I believe just like the N86 silently made its way to the top of the camera-phone herd, the N8 will not disappoint. Few are the bloggers/savants who call the N86 a flagship device, when the majority doesn’t think it is. I’d have to agree with the minority here, the N86 was and still is one of the most stable S60 3rd devices that Nokia has manufactured to date, and it does great on almost all aspects. I’d call that a flagship, except that the technology it brings is not groundbreaking. It’s not the N95 back in 2006. Here’s where the N8 kicks in; a decent phone with a great camera. I’m a Nokia fan, that’s clearly visible, so I’m not going to defend whatever Nokia is claiming this device will be; I’m just eager to see how the device will perform when it’s out in 3 to 4 months’ time. Being a fan of Symbian for the past few years, I also know that what it lacks in terms of polished UI and smoothness is compensated by efficiency and productivity, I can always do anything I desire with my phone be it the X6, E72, N97 mini or N82. The OS is a tad slow compared to competition? Perhaps, but I can live with that. With more RAM now on board and a better processor, I think it will do just fine. And even if it doesn’t, S^3 is only supposed to pave the way for S^4 which should really mark a change.

Hater or lover, you’ve got to admit, such a device cannot go unnoticed. With a plethora of powerful devices available on the market, one now looks for the best deals. Features aside (all devices being somewhat similar these days) the N8 is a bargain. Selling at $500 (before taxes and subsidies) I believe it is every photographer’s wet dream. It is also a very capable device for non-photography amateurs – people who are looking for a phone and wanting to save on buying a standalone camera. I’m currently using the Nokia X6 and I totally see myself switching to a better device – the N8.

Just think of it this way: Symbian OS is still in the works, a major overhaul is coming, S^3 addresses some and not all bugs, and Nokia has finally gone the OLED/Capacitive way, added RAM, upgraded CPU, and is back on the megapixel map (whether that really matters or not). With what’s coming ahead, do you have doubts? Don’t. If this is an effort – and we all know it’s a not a best-effort – then what do you think the flagship device will be like? The N97 days are gone. It’s a new start. And this is no young inexperienced company. And it’s not about to go down. Before bashing the device, just give it a shot, like I will. Then and only then, when you have the final product out of the sales box and in your hands, you can make your own judgment. It’s still too early to tell if it will be a huge success or not, if people will fall in love with it or not, but by reading that specs sheet you cannot help but drool, even if a bit.

I can only hope Nokia is on the right track to dominate in the hi-end segment once again, looking at the N8, I sure feel it is. With MeeGo on the horizon, an improved Symbian OS to follow, and great hardware, things are looking good.

To like the N8 or not to like the N8 - that question is answered.

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